AIS Briefing is launching a new system 22/2-2021

The 22nd February 2021, Briefing will launch a new FPL- and NOTAM management system, and that will, to begin with, affect the processing time for all incoming FPL’s.

If you do not receive a confirming phone call from Briefing, that your FPL has been received and accepted, then please call Briefing on phone number +45 3247 8272.

Later in the spring 2021, we will roll out this new system to all pilots also, so we will offer a new web platform where FPL’s can be submitted and managed.

More info on that, will follow later.

File and Submit Flight Plan

Submit your Flight Plan to Naviair AIS Briefing, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.

Please note!
Naviair AIS Briefing will call you back on the telephone number given, for confirmation of the submitted Flight Plan.

You may submit flight plans 5 days (120 hours) before ETD at the earliest.

Overview of todays active R and D areas;
Today’s active R and D areas can be seen via the PRD-map (click on PRD in the top line).
Please note that Temporary restricted areas is being shown with a circle for the NOTAM radius, and not the active temporary areas real size.
The active temporary areas real size can be seen in the related AIP/VFG SUP (eg. AIP/VFG SUP 10/17 regarding the OD1, OD2 and OD3 areas).

Weather information
- Weather information from Northavimet
- Briefing from DMI at +45 3915 7272


Display of valid NOTAM/SNOWTAM for Copenhagen FIR and selected countries surrounding Denmark.

NOTAM for operational use has to be confirmed with the nearest AIS Briefing Office prior to a flight.