18. maj 2016:
Now also aerodrome NOTAM are included, indicated by the red arrows..
Please note that FIR NOTAM are still only avilable under the menu item NOTAM..

2. May 2016:
On the PRD-map the different NOTAM types (Yelleow, Red, and Blue) can now be switched on/off using the relevant checkbox.

16. April 2015:
PRD map now show PRD-areas in red and Obsticals in blue

11. Decebmer 2014:
PRD-areas for today are shown on Google maps. Click on an area to get the NOTAM data.

13. November 2014:
New function when filling a flightplan.

The system will now save the "static" information regarding the aircraft in a database. When filling out a flightplan, the system will, wihen entering the aircraft identification, fill the static fields
These fields are:

Item. 7. Aircraft Identification
Item 9: Type of A/C
Item 10: Equipment 1 og 2
Item 19:
- Emergency Radio
- Survival Equipment
- Jackets
- Dinghies
- Aircraft color and Markings.